Storm Shelter Registration

A permit is required for the construction of a storm shelter at your residence. The permit application can be found HERE. Select the Miscellaneous Building Application.

Once your shelter has been though the final inspection, the exact GPS location of your shelter will be entered into the city's emergency dispatch system, along with contact info of the property owner and resident (if different), the type of shelter, the location of the shelter on the property, how many people will likely be inside the shelter during a weather event, and any other pertinent information you would like on file with us, such as whether there are pets in the home or a family member has a medical condition. 

In addition, city personnel will install a small green reflector at the end of your driveway, indicating the presence of a storm shelter at that location.

For further questions about storm shelter permitting, contact Community Development Services at 479-268-4980. For information about emergency preparedness, contact Fire Chief Sims at