Storm Shelter Registration

Registering the location of your storm shelter at your business or residence will provide emergency personnel with vital information in the event your shelter is blocked by debris following a storm.  Once registered, the exact GPS location of you shelter will be entered into the city's emergency dispatch system, and city personnel will install a small green reflector at the end of you driveway, indicating the location of a storm shelter.

To register your shelter with the city, email the following information to Fire Chief Steve Sims -

  • Property owner name
  • Resident name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Type of shelter (i.e. basement, in-ground, safe room, etc.)
  • Location of shelter on the property (i.e. front yard, garage, closet, etc.)
  • How many people will likley be in your shelter?
  • Any other pertinent information (i.e. resident is diabetic, two pets in the home, etc.)