Stormwater Management

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Bella Vista Stormwater Management Education:

In order to apply for a Grading and Erosion Control Permit within Bella Vista, the property owner or contractor must first have a valid Stormwater Management License on file with Community Development Services. This class is offered online only and free of charge. The virtual class consists of two videos and a 10 question quiz. The class also offers other helpful documents and information sheets that are not required to take the quiz but can be useful on a construction site. 

  • You can access the required Stormwater Education Class here.
  • You can find helpful Construction BMP information here.
  • You can find stormwater education information regarding septic systems here.
  • Interested in becoming EPA certified for stormwater inspections? Check out their free training course here. 

Bella Vista Grading Plan Education:

Article XIII of the municipal code requires that grading, erosion control, and stormwater pollution prevention be reviewed concurrently under one application and review. In addition to stormwater pollution prevention BMPs (silt fence, straw wattle, trash containment, etc.), the Grading and Erosion Control Application reviews proposed land alterations.  Section 107-378 requires that any land alteration within city limits must obtain a Grading and Erosion Control permit prior to grading, filling, excavating or any other land alteration being done on site. Additionally, this section of code requires that those grading applications (GECs) be submitted concurrently with the building application for single family projects. Sec. 107-380 establishes requirements that land alterations must adhere to through the grading and erosion control review. Finally, Sec. 107-381 stipulates what is required on a grading plan. To assist applicants in meeting this area of code for grading plan requirements, the City has provided the free educational video below.

Supporting documents for the educational video above include:

Dealing with Drainage Issues on your Property:

Bella Vista is a part of Municipal Stormwater program that provides information for drainage and stormwater. If you have a question regarding drainage problems on your property, you can access that information here.
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Drainage Manual9 documents

  • Chapter 1  Submittal Requirements
  • Chapter 2  Storm Water Planning
  • Chapter 3  Determination of Storm Water Runoff
  • Chapter 4  Streets Inlets Storm Sewers
  • Chapter 5  Detention Design
  • Chapter 6  Open Channel Flow
  • Chapter 7  Culvert and Bridge Hydraulic Design
  • Chapter 8  Construction Site Storm Water Management
  • Chapter 9  Water Quality

BMP Manual6 documents

  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1  Preventative BMPs
  • Chapter 2  Access and Control BMPs
  • Chapter 3  Conveyance BMPs
  • Chapter 4  Treatment BMPs
  • Appendices

Stormwater Management Training4 documents

  • NWA MS4 Stormwater Requirements (Video 1 of Class)
  • Stormwater Compliance on Construction Sites (Video 2 of Class)
  • Keep Construction Sites and Bella Vista Clean
  • A Guide on Developing a Construction Site SWPPP/BMP Plan