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Trash collection FAQs

Trash collection FAQs

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Trash collection FAQs

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Republic Services

City of Bella Vista

Will I only be allowed to put out one 95-gallon cart per week? You will be provided one 95-gallon poly-cart free of charge. If you need an additional cart, you will be required to pay $2 per month per cart.

Why am I allowed only one 95-gallon cart for free? Benton County Solid Waste mandates that Republic operates on a volume-based pickup program, and that volume cannot exceed 100 gallons. If a resident does exceed this amount each week, the resident must pay a fee for each additional cart used. 

 I don’t require that big of cart, can I get a smaller size? A smaller size cart is not available.

Can I use my own trash cans? No, all trash must be placed in the poly-carts provided by Republic Services. 

What happens if my Republic Services provided cart is damaged during trash pickup? Republic Services will repair or replace the cart, free of charge.

Am I allowed to take my trash to the transfer station on Bear Hollow Road? If you miss your pickup, you may take your trash to the transfer station free of charge during business hours. Proof of residency is required.

I cannot get my trash to the curb each week because I am disabled. What can I do? Republic Services is happy to accommodate those who have issues getting trash to the curb. Call them to make arrangements.  

How can I have bulky items picked up? You are allowed one bulk item per week, with prior arrangement with Republic Services. Call them to set this up. No appliances are allowed.  

Do I need to bag my trash before I put it in the cart? Yes, bagging the trash will help keep the container clean and sanitary and prevent trash from blowing when it is dumped in the truck.

Will Republic collect yard waste? Republic will pick up yard waste for an additional cost, by subscription only. You will be provided a separate bin for yard waste, which is picked up once per week during the months of April through November. Cost is currently about $15 per month, and residents must pay up front for all 8 months.

I’m moving. What do I do with my cart? Your Republic Services provided cart will remain with the property if you move. 

Why is there no curbside recycling offered in Bella Vista? Republic offered curbside recycling in the past, with very little interest. The Bella Vista Recycling Center is located at 400 Pinion Bluff Drive, and accepts most forms of recyclables. This organization was historically volunteer staffed, but now operates with paid employees and a volunteer board of directors. For more information, call them at 479-876-5343.
How often will my rate increase?
 Rates are examined on an annual basis and set by City Council each fall for the following year. 

How will I be billed? Customers will receive trash invoices directly from Republic Services. You may pay online, by mail or set up auto draft.