City accepting medical priority snow removal applications

Medical priority snow removal forms are being accepted online or at City Hall for the upcoming winter season.

The city each year compiles a list of residents who will have snow removal priority for medical conditions including only chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis and home hospice care.

The form can be obtained at City Hall or found online at Completed forms are accepted all winter long, as medical needs can arrive unexpectedly. The form requires the resident’s doctor’s name and contact information, as well as the day and time of regular appointments.

Appointment days and times cannot be adjusted daily during severe weather.

During any major winter weather event, major roads will be cleared first before secondary streets. Submitting the form is no guarantee the street will be cleared by the requested time, but the streets are placed on the priority list and the department will do its best to address them by the departure times listed.

It is important to note the streets on the list will not be cleared a second time in one day for the patients’ return trip home after treatment. The primary goal of the program is to get residents out to receive their life-saving treatments.

It is recommended that residents travel prior to a storm if they are scheduled for a procedure that cannot be rescheduled and severe weather is predicted. It is also recommended to replenish supplies such as oxygen and medications ahead of winter weather events. Propane tanks should be filled in advance as well.

As always, in an emergency, call 911.