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The City, POA and ACC

(Originally posted by Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association)

What is the difference between these three organizations?

Many residents get confused with the role and function of the City, POA and ACC.  Hopefully this brief outline will help clarify some of this confusion:

The City of Bella Vista

The City incorporated in 2007 and is led by an elected Mayor and an elected City Council.  A few of the primary services the City provides includes: police, fire/EMS, library, city planning, code enforcement, trash removal and road repairs & maintenance.  City operations are funded primarily by taxpayer dollars. Primary phone number: (479) 876-1255.  Website:  www.bellavistaar.gov

The POA (Property Owners Association)

The POA was established in 1965 and is led by a Chief Operating Officer who is appointed by a Board of Directors.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected by both resident and non-resident members of the POA.  A few of the primary services the POA provides includes: parks, pools, fitness facilities, community meeting rooms, tennis courts, lakes, golf courses and water service. POA operations are funded primarily by assessments from property owners and amenity usage fees. Primary phone number: (479) 855-8000.  Website:  www.bellasvistapoa.com

The ACC (Architecture Control Committee)

The members of the ACC are appointed by the Board of Directors of Cooper Communities, the developer of the original Bella Vista POA.  The primary purpose of the ACC is to assure compliance with the protective covenants and the policies and procedures of the ACC as they pertain to residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and landscaping.  The ACC policies and procedures ensure continuity within the community with regards to building/home size, location, color, aesthetics, and materials. The ACC is a private organization that operates under the Cooper Communities umbrella. Primary phone number: (479) 855-8080.  Website:  www.bvacc.com

While this separation of responsibilities can at times lead to confusion, each of these entities works hard to ensure Bella Vista is a fantastic place to call home.  You are encouraged to visit each website to learn a little more about each entity.