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Dedicated ambulance returns to Highlands station 3

Thanks to the voters of Bella Vista who approved in 2020 funds to build a replacement fire station, a dedicated ambulance will return to the Highlands area starting Friday, May 27, and be permanently housed at that station.

The former station, located across the street from the new station near Branchwood, was too small and outdated to staff both a fire and EMS crew. Since the city is legally required to provide fire protection, and not emergency medical services, there has not been a dedicated ambulance housed at that station since 2016.

When a medical call was received in the Station 3 response area, the fire crew – who are all at least EMTs – responded in a fire truck with limited medical gear. The paramedic ambulance would respond at the same time but be dispatched from the next closest station – Fire Station 4 near the Highlands gate.

Starting May 27, even if there is an active fire call in the Highlands area, there will still be enough personnel at this new station to remain on call in the event of an additional medical call.

While this means only minutes for the time it takes for EMS help to arrive, in the event of a medical emergency minutes matter.

We are grateful to Bella Vista voters who approved the bond issue and allow us to serve them to the best of our ability.