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Storm debris citywide pickup planned

To see a map of streets collected, which is updated daily at the end of the day, click here. Crews will pass through each street one time only.

The City of Bella Vista will assist residents with storm debris removal during a citywide pickup starting Monday, Sept. 16.

Residents across the city should place woody storm debris in the city right-of-way by Monday, Sept. 16. This does not include yard waste, such as grass clippings and leaves. No debris should be placed in state highway right-of-way.

Debris will be collected by Street Department personnel or city contractors street-by-street using heavy equipment with brush grapple attachments. City personnel will focus on the east side first, while contractors will begin on the west side at the same time.

Those on the east side (east of U.S. 71) should expect pickup to be finished in that area by Friday, Sept. 20. Residents in the central portion of the city (U.S. 71 west to Ark. 279) should expect pickup to wrap up in that area Friday, Sept. 27. Crews aim to be finished with all areas of the city, including the west side (Ark. 279 west to Ark. 549), by Friday, Oct. 4.

Crews will pass through each city street one time only, so residents should pay close attention to the time frames listed above. A list of streets cleared will be updated daily and available on the city’s website at http://bellavistaar.gov/streets.

Place materials in the city’s right-of-way, which is 10 feet from the edge of the road, and not in the roadway. Stumps, root balls, construction materials, household trash, hazardous waste and other non-debris materials are not allowed. Debris should be less than 10 feet in length, and stacked in manageable piles parallel to the street edge with the larger ends on the same side of the pile.

The city cannot and will not retrieve debris materials from private property and is not responsible for repairing damage to lawns within the right-of-way area. Crews will not collect any piles that contain prohibited materials.

Residents should avoid blocking natural drainage patterns as much as possible when piling debris. Residents will be responsible for any cleanup of debris left over after crews come through, and should make sure culverts and ditches surrounding their property are not blocked.