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Bella Vista named Tree City USA

If there’s one thing Bella Vista has, it’s trees. And Monday Mayor Peter Christie announced the recognition Bella Vista has received for being committed to managing that asset in a smart and productive way.

Bella Vista has been named a 2018 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation.

According to the foundation, the city achieved this recognition by meeting four requirements: creating a tree board, adopting a tree care ordinance, committing to an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita and hosting an Arbor Day observance with an official proclamation.

“It’s not about the abundance of trees in our city,” Mayor Peter Christie said. “This title is about providing a sense of community centered around that, by offering education on proper planting and tree maintenance, as well as tree species and identification, improving the visual appeal of growing neighborhoods, increasing property values by restoring trees lost during construction, and implementing strategies that include the right kinds of trees in the right places to remove air pollutants, lower home cooling costs, preserve wildlife habitats and more.”

Following the proclamation, the city planted a tree at the start of the Back 40 Trails, at the east end of Blowing Springs Park. This tree – a Bald Cypress – was donated by the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

“We celebrate the natural setting here in our city,” Christie said. “It sets us apart and keeps us unique in this time of rapid growth in the Northwest Arkansas region.”

The celebration also marked the soft opening of the Bella Vista Property Owners Association’s Blowing Springs Arboretum, a beautiful exploration area of the park that is the designated gateway to grand trees and flora, which will be marked by tree tags and plant markers. Around 25 native trees will be planted and information kiosks will be included. The marquee signs were planted using a bed of pollinators, including milkweed for the Monarch butterflies.