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Board Appointment Application

Board Appointment Application

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Application for Commission or Board Appointment

Complete the entire application. Resumes may be attached at the end of the application. 

Select the appropriate commission or board on which you are interested in serving.

Planning Commission

  • Reviews and approves development proposals for compliance with city codes;
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council for rezoning applications;
  • Makes recommendations to the City Council on long range, city-wide plans;
  • Must be city resident and service a four-year term; and
  • Must attend two regularly scheduled meetings per month

Board of Construction Appeals
  • Reviews and decides appeals of staff interpretations of the technical codes related to building construction;
  • Hears and decides petitions for variances from technical codes;
  • Must be city residents and serve a three-year term; and
  • Must attend one regularly scheduled meeting per month, if there is business to conduct 

Library Advisory Board
  • Oversees the operations of the library and appoints the Library Director;
  • Must be city residents and service a five-year term; and
  • Must attend meetings scheduled at least once per calendar quarter, or more often as necessary

Upload your resume here (if desired): 
  By checking this box, I indicate my willingness to serve on the commission or board checked in the box above. I also indicate my understanding of the time commitment involved in such service. I further authorize the City of Bella Vista to consider my provided application information in considering an appointment to a city commission or board.