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Board of Construction Appeals

Board of Construction Appeals

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Board of Construction Appeals

The Board of Construction Appeals serves to review and decide appeals of staff interpretations of the technical codes related to building construction. The board hears and decides petitions for variances from technical codes.

The board consists of seven members who serve three-year terms. They are appointed by the City Council and must reside in city limits.

Current Members:
Position 1 (term expires Jan. 1, 2023) — Manuel "Wade" Hagan, wadeoh@verizon.net
Position 2 (term expires Jan. 1, 2024) — Tim Hull, ttimhull@yahoo.com
Position 3 (term expires Jan. 1, 2024) — Gary Young, gwyoung52@gmail.com
Position 4 (term expires Jan. 1, 2025) — John Nuttall, john@johnandsusannuttall.com
Position 5 (term expires Jan. 1, 2025) — Rick Head, headster24@gmail.com
Position 6 (term expires Jan. 1, 2023) — Cuyler Scates, cuyler.scates@walmart.com
Position 7 (term expires Jan. 1, 2023) — Vacant

The Board of Construction Appeals meets once per month at 3 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, if there is business to conduct.
For agendas from earlier dates, call the CDS office at 479-268-4980.

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