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Public Hearings

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Public Hearings

Have a question about a posted public hearing sign?

By city ordinance, public hearing notice signs are required to be posted in plain view of the public on or near the existing property line at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the public hearing. Public hearings are typically held for requests including conditional use permits, variances, rezone requests, and annexations. See the chart below for information regarding upcoming public hearings. For further questions, call Community Development Services at 479-268-4980. 

To establish a comment on the public record about a project below, please email the listed City Planner associated with the project as public comments must be received in writing. Please note: the public is highly encouraged to attend all Planning Commission meetings, including Work Sessions, rather than just the listed Public Hearings below. To stay updated on when development meetings are to take place, click here. 

Should you need assistance locating the parcel, click here for a free property search tool provided by Benton County where you can locate the subject property by the associated parcel number. 

Click here for meeting agendas and proposal packets for more information regarding a project below. 

Date: Monday December 12, 2022 | Time: 4:30 pm  | Location: District Court (612 W. Lancashire Blvd)
Case Number Location Type of Request Current Zoning Request Details City Planner
RZN 46586 Near the Corner of Buckstone Drive & Lancashire Blvd
Parcel 16-40234-001
Rezone Request R-1 Requesting to rezone the 2.001 acre portion below of the subject parcel from R-1 Single Family to C-2 Light Commercial Ms. Taylor Robertson
RZN 340 Buck

Date: Monday November 14, 2022 | Time: 4:30 pm  | Location: District Court (612 W. Lancashire Blvd)
Case Number Location Type of Request Current Zoning Request Details Decision
ZVR 46271 24 Nairn Lane
Parcel 16-21652-000
Zoning Variance Request R-1 Requesting a variance on the accessory structure setback to accommodate a proposed accessory building. Approved
ZVR 46161 7 Brittany Lane
Parcel 16-05463-000
Zoning Variance Request  R-1 Requesting a variance on the septic system setback for pier or columns to accommodate a proposed deck. Approved