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Starting a Business

The City of Bella Vista does not issue or offer business licenses.  However, prospective businesses should be aware of any state or other applicable agency requirements or prerequisites. Visit Owning a Business at this Arkansas.gov page for more information.

If your business plan includes adding on to an existing structure, or altering an existing structure or shell building in any way, you will need to follow the Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Procedure (page 3 of 10).  If your plan includes developing a new building, contact a City Planner to learn more.

Small businesses meeting the criteria of a home occupation may be allowed to be operated within the primary residence.  To inquire further after reading the criteria, submit a written request for a Zoning Compliance Letter to mworkman@bellavistaar.gov, as follows:

1) Subject line: Zoning Compliance Letter
2) Description, Contact and Details: in the body of the email, include your primary residence address, your full name and contact information, your business name, and a brief description of the nature of business and general business activity. 

Please note that permanent signage is not allowed within residential zoning districts.


 Here are some other helpful resources to make the process of starting your own business easier: